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Why We Must Adapt Eco Wooden Utensils in Our Homes

Many people are taking up the challenge of using Eco Wooden Utensils due to the many benefits they come with. These tools have over time proved to be easier to work with and can be safely disposed of whenever their services are no longer needed.   These products are important in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle unlike what you would experience with the other normal non-environmental friendly home tools. Most of the Eco Wooden Utensils in most kitchens are made from materials such as Birch, Linden, Oak, Alder, Olive, Ash and Juniper. These materials are mixtures of both softwoods and […]


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Simple Guide Steps on How to Design Juniper Utensils

Juniper Utensils are becoming common in most homes since they have many benefits as compared to those made from other materials. Their usage guarantees users a healthy life since they are purely natural.   They are environmentally friendly and do not contaminate the environment even when depleted. There is a huge variety of Eco-friendly goods that many homeowners are not yet aware of.   Some of them include juniper cookware, spatula set, juniper spatula, wooden spoon, spread knife, bowl, sauna stuff and salad set among others. They are made from both soft and hardwoods such as juniper, alder, linden, olive, […]


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Juniper Spatula: Benefits of Wooden Utensils

There are many different utensils to choose from on the market. A person commonly will use plastic or wooden utensils.  Each will provide advantages and disadvantages in the kitchen. Here is a closer look at the benefits of using wooden utensils, especially a Juniper spatula.   Advantages of Wooden Utensils   Wood utensils do not conduct heat. This means that they are unlikely to cause burns when they touch the skin. Many times, a person will get a bad burn when touching a metal utensil that has come in contact with high heat.   Plastic utensils tend to melt when […]


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Eco-friendly Wooden Utensils and the Proper Care

Wooden Utensils are becoming some of the hottest and most bought utensils as they are Eco-friendly and they are easier to work with and dispose of if needed. There are many types of suitable wood for wooden utensils, such as:   Alder Juniper Olive Linden Oak Birch   Eco-friendly goods are the latest trend when it comes to home products. This can be anywhere from utensils, baking goods, pot holders, dish rags and much more.   Red alder wood is desirable for smoking foods like fish or other types like salmon. But for utensils, these are perfect as they can […]


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